Macrometron is a technology company that supports businesses in the rapid growth phase.

Designed for growth

When your company grows faster than you can manage it, your precious time is spent elsewhere on matters that don’t excite you. Allow us to help you reclaim your time and give you the peace of mind to focus on your unique abilities. Our strength and passion is rooted in emerging technologies, core computing systems, and cloud infrastructure with an implicit focus of its effects on businesses of all sizes. We support companies during the rapid growth phase by designing efficient, agile and powerful systems with continuous support and oversight during the life of the platform.

Management autopilot

In a perfect world your new employee would arrive at his or her workspace with all the tools necessary to hit the ground running to forge a productive day. But perfect worlds don’t exist and the reality is that you’ll probably be the person sorting it all out – new workstation, new telephone, company e-mail address, network user account, the list goes on and on. In the end you would have spent more time during the week completing these tasks than actually pushing your business forward. Macrometron offers full support and management of on-premise servers, workstations, peripherals, network hardware and mobile devices.

Advisor extraordinaire

How much is your time worth? Researching a proper tech solution on your own can be taxing and multiple hours spent wading through pages of outdated reviews can leave you puzzled even further. Macrometron can be your trusted advisor in all things tech related. We advise our clients through the selection and project implementation phases, and provide ongoing management of the unique system once it reaches production status. While Macrometron provides a suite of services for small, midsize and enterprise customers, all of our clients can expect resilient systems, nimble response times and exceptional customer service.

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