It happens a lot. A system administrator leaves a company for another job and carries all of the valuable information about the network buried in his/her head. Or even worse, the person or contractor responsible for the health of the network disappears or goes out of business without leaving any information about the system and its configuration settings. Weeks and months pass. Passwords are lost, new users are not added, important accounts are locked out of the network, and sensitive data is lost. Critical software programs are not updated and start to crash. Viruses and malware start to appear and the network fails. We would rather not paint this picture for you, but the truth is that most businesses wait until their systems crash before doing anything proactive about it. This reactive response taxes businesses in operational efficiency, degraded productivity, growth momentum, compromised customer data, lost revenue, resources, and most importantly, time. Macrometron can dissect and record the most important details about your network infrastructure so that your company can continue to conduct business regardless of a staffing change. This is just one aspect of our business. Our documentation services also expands into technical training, process diagramming, flowcharts, disaster recovery, and business continuity.


Network Diagramming

In the event of a node failure or natural disaster, having updated network diagrams is critical for troubleshooting and business continuity. Network diagrams also facilitates knowledge transfer between team members, infrastructure engineers, and software/application developers.


Process Diagramming

Process diagramming helps to identify inefficiencies in business operations. Some of the most effective uses for process diagrams can be seen in on-boarding new company employees, new hire training, and introducing internal standard operating procedures.


FAQ Building

Establishing a FAQ (frequently asked questions) database for your business becomes an invaluable resource for your employees to reference when questions arise. FAQ databases scale well with business growth, increases productivity, and saves your business time.

Best Practices Authoring

Developing well written best practices lays a foundation for how your business operates and creates a record for future improvement. Whether the procedure is for customer service, tech troubleshooting, or inter/intra departmental use, Macrometron can author it for your business.

Technical Writing

Having the proper technical instructions and user manuals for a product launch is as important as the product itself. Macrometron can compose the technical nuances of your product, service, or procedure into useful information for your end users or customers.

IT Representation

If your company needs a technical point person during an audit, Macrometron’s expertise can offer the proper guidance and support. We have assisted many companies with technical security assessments, internal process audits, and various industry compliance regulations.

Asset Management

Computer hardware and software license in your company should be recorded as assets for insurance claims and warranties. In the event of burglary or natural disaster, an itemized inventory log can help move your insurance claim through processing.

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